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Elegance & clarity is the essence of book design.


Submarine Media specializes in elegant design; elegance and clarity are the essence of book design. A book should be a work of art.


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No Longer Just a Dream - an example of Academic/Scientific typesetting.


With Academic/Scientific books the aim is maximum clarity. Font choice and font size is especially important in this regard, as is the regularity of the formatting and the neatness of the layout. Simple, elegant serif fonts, typically no more than two fonts used on any particular page, or perhaps it is wiser to keep to two variations on one single font. Decorations should be simple and linear. The margins of the tables need to relate to the margins of the text in a simple, logical way. Everything should be easy to read, simple to look at, clear and elegant.


One thing that looks annoying, which ought to be fixed, is the paragraph with a single word hanging over onto the next line. Kerning should be adjusted for this purpose, also to ensure that there is no single line at the end of a chapter with the rest of the page blank. The paragraphs ought to be fully justified so that the right margin is not ragged.


The fonts should not be too small or too large. The size of title fonts ought to be a whole number ratio to the size of body text fonts, so that when pages are opposite one another the lines of text correspond (a rule of thumb, but not hard and fast as not many people will notice this.)


Any internal colouring of tables or charts ought to be subtle, not too garish or overpowering, and illustrations or photographs where they are expressive or informative should be as large as possible, preferably taking up a whole page.


Back from the Brink (out of print, non-fiction, example of full printer's marks) and The Adamantine Disclosure (fiction, self-published) - examples of simple typesetting.


For the novel, the main point is to ensure that the text is readable. Font choice again is extremely important, as are chapter headings and any graphics, which need to express the thematic ideas of the novel without impeding the reader's flow.


Submarine Media has prepared books for publishing with professional printers in Western Australia and New South Wales for runs of between 1000 and 5000 copies, including work for Universities.




Submarine Media has aided publishers by converting their print books to make available sample copies in pdf, epub, kindle  versions and to convert their books from epub to print books, provided or  outsourced cover art and has experience  with academic formatting, creating  custom designed fonts.


We have created audio book versions of  books as well.


If you have problems getting your files to

pass epub-check, or you need someone to

convert a print book to an e-book or vice

versa, contact Submarine Media and we will be glad to help you, even if it is only advice that you need.


We have a small studio for recording

 audio-books and instrumental music

for use in films and audio-books and

have access to a larger venue if necessary.


Font design and unique cover design is our speciality.