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Please note - the iPhone & iPad iOS does not allow the installation of fonts yet.

APP Steampunk Two Full Set -



A fantastic steampunk set with over thirty font variants, some with ornamental filigree, some simple, wide, ornate, narrow, bold, italic, ultra, etc. etc. Perfect for fantasy, steampunk, and the Victorian era. An absolute bargain at $28.00


Wollstonecroft Sixteen Set -


Based on a nineteenth century

book by Mary Wollstonecroft

Shelley, author of Frankenstein

(Includes Regular, Italic, Bold,

Small caps, Bold italic & Wide

in TTF and OTF formats, contains

expanded character set)

APP Stony Futhark





A font based on Elder Futhark, with as many extra characters as I could find from other runic alphabets.

Note this does not use the Unicode futhark section, but rather substitutes the English letters with the Futhark characters if you select 'Regular'.


(Includes Normal (normal English alphabet, for runic looking English) and Regular (futhark runes) in TTF and OTF formats, includes thorn character and a few other extra characters.

The numbers in Regular are duplicates of the runes that represented numbers in Futhark. )





This font is based on the cursive handwriting in one of Beethoven's manuscripts. It is an elegant script, slightly curlique, very Romantic in sentiment.






This rather Gothic font is based on the typeface from a mid-Nineteenth Century German printed book and includes the extra characters necessary for the German and Romance languages.


Einstein's Typewriter




A font based on the typewriter Einstein used.

(Includes Regular in TTF and OTF formats, contains expanded character set)