Submarine Media Pty Ltd  


COMPLETE PUBLISHING SERVICE - print, epub, pdf, kindle, cover-art, audio-book, music.


Submarine Media has prepared books for publishing with professional printers in Western Australia and New South Wales for runs of between 1000 and 5000 copies, publishing with Edith Cowan press, as well as preparing books for publishing with CreateSpace, IngramSpark and Amazon.


Submarine Media has aided publishers by converting their print books to make available sample copies in pdf, epub, kindle versions and to convert their books from epub to print books, provided or outsourced cover art and has experience with academic formatting, creating custom designed fonts.


We have created audio book versions of books as well.


Software used for book design mainly:


Adobe In Design


Adobe Photoshop


Calibre (more useful for testing, really)


(Also, MS Word and Pages)


Text-Wrangler, for editing e-pub files to make them pass epub check.



Software for Music arranging and printing,  soundtrack preparation and audio-book production:


Finale & Sibelius (mostly Finale)


Propellerhead Reason




Logic Audio


We have a small studio for recording audio-books and instrumental music for use in films and audio-books and have access

to a larger venue if necessary.


Miscellaneous Software


Filemaker Pro - extensive experience making databases in Filemaker.


Cocoa, Objective-C - some experience making apps for Mac.


Fontographer, for designing fonts.