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An epic fantasy trilogy about gryphons, set in a land of castles and forests, with dwarves, elves & wizards, created languages, magic, prophecies & ancient writings.  If you like Tolkien or Ursula K. Le Guin, you will love this series.


Robert Denethon's most recent book.


Steam Submarine is about Zelf, a Welfing. She travels through universes in a Steam Submarine. Steampunk influenced by weird fiction, this is an epic novel with footnotes that tell the story of the (fictional) author's love for his 'girl with her head surrounded by stars', a love that mirrors the love of Zev & Zelf.


This book is actually four books in one volume: Zelf, Cryptoloup, Into Ultima Thule & First Den.


Set in London, 1851, at the time of the Great Exhibition, two children, Jonathan & Amelia, have lost their parents in a mysterious house fire. They must go on a long journey to find the machine that can answer all their mysteries.


This series of two novellas about Henry Lawson, the Australian poet, is set in an alternate universe where the swagman in Waltzing Matilda never committed suicide and Australia ended up as the first Communist Republic in the world. Robots are built to serve the people, but there is a dark secret behind their existence that Henry Lawson works to uncover.




In the alternate universe, Adolf Hister has conquered Great Britain and the town of Dithingstump on the West coast is a military base where a small group of rebels is producing a circular and trying to find ways to challenge the oppressors.


The story of Marwe, and her encounters with a .